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Professional USB Microphone With Switchable Polar Patterns and
Headphone Output
Recording Simplified!

Uber Mic is the perfect set-up for all your recording needs—whether it’s recording acoustic instruments & vocals, capturing pristine audio for podcasts & broadcasting, or simply bringing your gaming experience to the next level. Uber Mic does it all – start recording, streaming & broadcasting now

Jack of All Traits

Crystal-clear recording demands the right tools for the job. M-Audio’s Uber Mic features a large-diaphragm 3-capsule condenser microphone, perfect for podcasting applications or capturing high-quality audio from vocalists, instruments,
percussion and more. With a choice of four polar patterns including cardioid, omnidirectional, figure-8 and single point
stereo, Uber Mic is primed for virtually any recording scenario:
- Cardioid – a directional pattern, perfect for capturing singular sound sources while eliminating unwanted room
reflections and background noise
- Omnidirectional – equal output/sensitivity at all angles captures your sound sources from all directions, perfect
for adding some ambience to your recordings or capturing a group of sound sources
- Figure 8 - equal output/sensitivity on two sides of the microphone, ideal for capturing two independent sound
sources simultaneously
- Single Point Stereo – picks up from the left and right side of the microphone, producing a true stereo image

Studio Grade Sound

Whatever your recording requirements, Uber Mic guarantees premium studio-grade capture every time. Fusing pristine A/D converters that provide 16-bit resolution digital audio, your recordings will exhibit exceptional dynamic range that captures every nuance and subtlety of your performance. When combined with a wide range 30-20,000Hz frequency response and sample rates of up to 48kHz, you can be sure your recordings are completely clear and true to the original source.

Tactile Control

Get hands-on with your recording! Uber Mic’s assortment of hardware controls and thoughtful connectivity options guarantee professional, hassle-free capture every time. Troublesome latency issues are a thing of the past, thanks to a conveniently-located dedicated USB/direct mixing control and a microphone volume control. Zero-latency recording and monitoring are now a reality and you’ll hear exactly what you’re recording in real-time.

There’s privacy when you need it, courtesy of a microphone mute control and an onboard 1/8-inch headphone jack with an internal headphone amplifier.

Take total control of your recording and make precise adjustments to your currently selected level and polar pattern configuration with the crisp on-board LCD display. With Uber Mic, everything you need
to produce premium pro-grade recordings is at your fingertips.

Seamless Setup
Complicated setups are a thing of the past. Thanks to a dedicated stand for ultra-convenient desktop mounting, plus a
threaded insert for optional stand-mounting, Uber Mic is versatile, full-featured and sonically impressive. Whatever your
recording needs, think Uber.


  • Easy, intuitive operation for any application
  • Wide-range 30–20,000Hz frequency response delivers detailed, natural sound
  • 3-capsule condenser microphone element, including single-point stereo
  • 4 selectable polar patterns to customize your ideal recording
  • Polar patterns: cardioid, figure-8, omnidirectional, and stereo
  • ⅛” headphone jack and internal headphone amplifier
  • USB/direct mixing control with mic volume control enables zero-latency recording and monitoring
  • Microphone mute control ensures privacy
  • LCD display shows polar pattern and currently selected control level Studio-quality recording and playback for accurate reproduction 
  • Convenient desktop mounting with threaded insert for optional stand-mounting •
  • Integrated stand fits easily into any setup